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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Matching the Hatch To Flyfish Bethany Lakes' Trout Was Tough....

Fished this morning for Trout at Bethany Lakes.  Kept working various fishing flies without a strike.  Must have changed fishing flies ten times before settling in on a Black Gnat.  Had several strikes but missed them.  And then, set the hook on one but lost it while landing.  Did have another rod baited with Powerbait; hooked and landed it without an issue.  Had to call it short and left with the Trout still active on the surface.

Others were present and were catching Trout on Bread and/or Corn.  Returned later in the evening.  More missed strikes on the Black Gnat, else the bait of choice looked like Bread under a float!

Will see how the incoming front affects them.  Hope to catch on in the near future on Dryfly....!

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