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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trout Were Active On The Blue River, Just Not On My Hook!

Returned to the Blue River in Oklahoma for another go at the Bruiser Trout. Fished 5 hours, saw easily 75+ Trout (likely more), and caught one Stocker on a BH Black Wooley Bugger. Trout were actively feeding on midges.... guess what fishing fly I did not have! Did use the smallest Black Gnat I had in my flybox and managed to get about 10 strikes fishing it dry. Just too slow in setting the hook!  Regardless, had a great time out there!

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  1. PS: Stopped by Scotty's One Stop and picked up the "Six Great Trout Flies" DVD. Cross my fingers I don't repeat today's scenario - Trout feeding on Midges; no Midge fishing fly!

  2. Checked the Video out. Like it a lot, especially the demo on tying the Midge fishing fly!

  3. Went online and put an order in for fly tying material to include size 20 and 22 dryfly hooks and size 16 caddis hooks. First time ordering from the FlyShack.com; free shipping for $35+ orders with arrival in 2-5 days. Will be ready to tie a few fishing flies some time next week - I hope!


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