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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bratonia Park For Shad

Stopped by Bratonia Park on Lake Lavon yesterday to catch a few Shad.  Making preparations for another run up to Denison Dam's Tailrace.  Really like using Shad for bait when the water flow permits.
Took the jon boat and drifted around the buoy by the boat ramp, then worked the shoreline.  Normally, we are able to catch enough bait for a trip in about 30" with our cast nets.  This time, caught 5 Shad only.
Not sure where they are lurking; may hit another place later today.  Else, will buy Shad at Academy or Dave's Bait and Tackle.  It will work in a pinch but really like the ones we catch as they are usually bigger and are definitely fresher!
Till then... Good Luck and Good Fishing!
COAF Field Team

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