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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fishing Report by Dean!

The COAF Field Team appreciates fishing reports from our Readers.  Here is a recent one submitted by Dean about Bethany Lakes and Kroger Park (Bethany Rdige Park).  Great report and some nice pictures!

I arrived at 5:30 am on June 8th. It was a beautiful morning and I found the park to be as inspiring as the sun that slowly illuminated it. I was pleased to find "catch and release" signs posted around the area. Its a shame that so many people disregard the fragile nature of community lakes and ponds. I found myself wishing that other parks would implement the same regulations.

Top water baits seemed to rule the morning. I caught a number of bass at the Kroger pond on a variety of surface lures. The bass in the upper ponds responded to surface lures as well, although not as frequently. After a few hours, when the fishing slowed down, I switched over to texas rigged berkley

Attached is a photograph of the two biggest fish of the day. They were caught in the horseshoe pond (Bethany Lakes) and the Kroger pond (Bethany Ridge Park). I didn't have any measuring devices with me, but as you can see from the pictures, they were definitely heavy.

It was a really great little morning session. I can't say enough about the park. It was absolutely beautiful, and the fishing was wonderful.


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