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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Purple-Chenille Wooley Bugger Gets 2 Bluegill and 2 Bass!

Stopped by Bethany Lakes before the rain hit this evening.  Was trying for the Bruisers chasing the baitfish near the banks.  Had several chase the fishing fly but did not get a hook up on a Bruiser.  Did catch two Bluegill and two Bass on the Purple-Chenille Wooley Bugger!

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  1. Nice fish, I never seen bass or panfish being cought on wooley bugger.You check out my fishing blog www.niagaraangler.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Niagra Angler. The Field Team really likes the Wooley Bugger. Will check out your fishing blog.

  3. Nice fishing blog Niagra Angler. Like the Smallmouth Bass, looks like some Bruisers up in your area!


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