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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Was a Very Nice Day... To Lose a Bruiser, NOT!

Tied a backup Olive Wooley Bugger today using a smaller hook size and lead wire instead of the bead head.

It was a good thing the backup was available.  Ended up losing the last Bead Head Olive Wooley Bugger to a Tree Fish at Bethany.  Did manage to catch a Sunfish beforehand luckily.

Started fishing the backup Olive Wooley Bugger and had a few strikes but no hookups.  Then, barely felt a strike, set the hook, and had a Bruiser on the line.  Fight lasted about a minute, then the line broke.

Was a very nice day... to lose a Bruiser, NOT!   Oh well, there is always next time.

PS:  Met one of our Readers fishing with his Son this evening. 

Was great to meet them; made even better with a Bass caught by the young fisherman. 

Good stuff!

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