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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Caddis 12' Tenkara Rod from Fountain Head!

After several field tests trying out our "Concept Tenkara Rod", the Team decided to take the next step and purchase one.
Our "Concept Tenkara Rod" uses three of five sections of a telescoping fiberglass rod purchased while overseas several years back.  It measures nine feet and collapses to about 36".  The feel is similar to a 5 weight flyrod and can cast a level line with ease.  It is not a true Tenkara Rod but it did peak our interest in this ancient fishing technique.
Taking the next step and purchasing a Tenkara Rod was easier said than done.  As we are not all millionaires and do have real jobs to make ends meet, a search online pointed us to Tenkara USA, an importer of Japanese Tenkara Rods that cost $139 plus and more.  The Rods look really nice and we are certain their quality and "fishability" is as good as advertised.  Unfortunately, our pocketbooks said otherwise to our desire to purchase one!

So, we settled on continuing to use our "Concept Tenkara Rod" for now.  That is, until our buddy, "NucLaroche", found Fountainhead while surfing the web.
Fountainhead is an importer/seller of Tenkara Rods which range from $45 to $80 in price! Fountainhead's website is Tenkara Fly Fishing; they offer several models with the Caddis Tenkara Rod selling for $45 and $50 depending on the length you choose.
We made the purchase (of the 12' Caddis Tenkara Rod) late Wednesday, the package arrived Saturday, and today (Sunday) we went fishing with it!  .... and, it worked much better than our "Concept Tenkara Rod".  Things we liked:
  • The additional length provided more control of the backcast,
  • Also, it enabled more consistent and accurate placement of the fly,
  • The spine has a slow bend, allowing some give when setting the hook,
  • The rod collapses to 20" for ease of carry!
Tenkara Rods are primarily used for fishing small streams with small fish that tend to spook easily.  It is also takes a minimalist approach to fishing - a fly, a line, and rod!  Tenkara expands on the opportunity to catch a fish!  Give it a try when you get a chance.  We plan to use this method to work the shallows of our local ponds this Spring!

Good Luck and Good Fishing!
COAF Field Team

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Ordered the Rod late Wednesday, arrived Saturday, went fishing Sunday!

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