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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tenkara and Senko Worms - Tenko Fishing Anyone?

Been itching too flex the Tenkara Rod but have been side-tracked by Bass and hand pouring  our version of a Senko Worm - the "Half-Quatro".  So, to enjoy the two, why not combine them and call it Tenko Fishing - small plastic worms fished on a Tenkara Rod!

Since Tenkara Fishing uses small fishing flies, opted to  modify the "Half-Quatro" to a smaller version.  Made two variants of the "Half-Quatro".  Going to call them the "Mini-Mum1" and "Mini-Mum2" for ease of reference.

Tested them out this morning at Bethany Lakes.... water levels are low but the fish remain near the banks and well within casting range of the Tenkara Rod (at least in the morning).  Had several Bass strike the Worms but lost them while bringing them in.  Used small Jig Hooks in lieu of a Bass Worm Hook; will need to come up with a better hook to use else risk more lost Bass.

Made a change after a break off of a decent Bass.... Go figure, only poured two Worms, so was down to one Worm.  Opted to fish the remaining Worm wacky rigged; had more strikes and misses.  This kept up until the Worm split in two.

Not to be left without a lure in the Field, made do and tied on a smaller jig hook and fished using halves!  Good thing.... Bluegill, Sunfish really liked it!

Had a fun time Tenko Fishing this morning.  Will need to come up with a better hook to use, else am happy with the Worms - "Mini-Mum1" and "Mini-Mum2"!  Will need to pour more for the next round.

Tenko Fishing Anyone!

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