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Sunday, October 09, 2011

One on a Senko, then Several on a Crappie Jig Variant, and then more with a Tenkara Rod!

Fished Bethany this morning to take advantage of the recent rainstorm and higher water levels.

Caught one Bass on a Senko using a steady retrieve. Then, lost the Senko to a snag. Noticed really good water flow at the waterfall and a lot of fish activity.

Did not bring flyfishing gear but did have some fishing flies in the tackle box. So, rigged up a Hula Popper and tied on a Crappie Jig Variant as a dropper.

Immediately started getting bites on the Crappie Jig Variant; even caught a few Crappie!

Took a break and switched out poles. Grabbed the Tenkara Rod as it works well when fishing the Waterfall.  Caught Crappie, Bass, Panfish, and a little Catfish!

Good Stuff!!!

One on a Senko; three on a Hula Popper and a Dropper!

Mixed Bag On a Tenkara Rod

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