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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Limited Out This Afternoon!

Took a break from the Salt Mines and headed to Bethany to break last night's strikeout.  Light rain but nothing that rain gear could not handle.  Fished a Gold Kastmaster and had two hook ups but lost them while landing.  Then, lost the Kastmaster.

Switched to a Silver Super Duper without success.  Switched to a Gold Super Duper and caught one on a fast retrieve.  Then, hooked and landed four on a Copper Super Duper.  Again, the fast retrieve was the key!

First limit of Rainbow Trout for the Field Team this year!  Largest went about 13" in size.  All had empty stomachs - maybe why they wanted a fast retrieve.

PS:  Having lost the Gold Kastmaster, stopped by Cabelas and Dick's Sporting Goods to restock the tackle box.  Gold Super Dupers and Kastmasters from Cabelas; Copper Super Dupers from Dick's Sporting Goods!


  1. I don't know where I read it recently...gotta find it again...but here in the Northwest, lures with a combination of chrome (nickel?) and gold (brass?) (half and half) have one of the best catch rates of all the colors out there on Trout, Steelhead, etc.

  2. Never seen a dual color like that.

  3. Lake Clear Wabbler out of NY has spoons with two-tone metal finishes. I use a big Wabbler in chrome/copper for an attractor/dodger and sometimes a small one in tandem with the rigs I build.


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