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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Field Team Gets Two Limits!

Fished the morning bite and limited out on Trout using a GRHEN!  Caught them by sight casting to risers as schools passed by.  Missed a lot more either when bring them in or right after they struck the fishing fly.

Came back with fishing buddy "T-Bone", and baited up with Powerbait Yellow Glitter Garlic.  Managed a limit in about 30"!

While walking back to the parking area stopped by the pier to checkout the action.  Trout were there,... just very picky about what they wanted.  Did notice them readily taking Bread.  May need to try freelining Bread next round!

PS:  Two Limits for Dinner!


  1. how deep are you fishing with powerbait? Can you share some info on your rig?


    1. We fish about a 1' to 1.5' off the bottom with Powerbait. The rig we use is a simple one - 2 to 3 splitshot crimped about 1' - 1.5' from a size 14 treble hook. When the weight hits the bottom the Powerbait floats. Then we adjust the weight up/down if needed. Also, we may add or remove splitshot depending on the fishing pole we are using and conditions - current, wind, distance to cast.... Hope this helps.


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