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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Field Team Limited Out Again... Powerbait and Fishing Flies Worked!

Went up the road again to Denison for another round with the Rainbow Trout.  Trout continued to go for Powerbait but not as aggressively compared to yesterday.  This time it seemed fishing flies were the "go to" lure.  They struck the Guadalupana, GRHEN, and Flashback GRHEN.  Fun stuff... caught some, lost some, and kept some.  Both NucLaroche and Fshng84 limited out.  Too bad T-Bone and the Comal Kid missed the opportunity; no worries, we expect more to come in the next few weeks!  Crossing our fingers of course.


  1. They all looked like smallies in there?

    1. They were small - 8"-10" range. Still had a lot fun catching them.


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