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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pattern Changed....

Another round at Bethany this morning.  Things started out well with steady surface action and rising Trout.  Able to sight cast and hook and land two; missed about ten others.  Then, the action stopped.  Met another TFF Member and started working the area near the pier.  Had a lot of interested "looks" at GRHENs, Zebra Midges, GloBugs, and many other fishing flies.  Then, the other TFF Member hooked up with three that took a Micro Jig!

Unfortunately, had to leave them biting.  "Honey Do's" were calling - specifically, Christmas Shopping at the Mall.  However, got a break when we learned the Mall did not open till Noon. So, went back to Bethany to try for three more Trout to make a limit.

Brought Bread this time as the Trout were readily feeding on it earlier.  Tied on a Size 12 Hook and pressed the Bread into a flat shape, then freelined it just off the pier.  Ended up missing a number of strikes but did get three more Trout.

Pattern seemed to have changed.  Less surface activity and more lurking below waiting for food to come by.  Going to play the next week by ear and adjust appropriately.

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