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Friday, May 24, 2013

Tail Mount of a Spanish Mackerel

When we fished the Galveston Fishing Pier the other day, we caught our first Spanish Mackerel.  We wanted to try something different to capture the moment other than taking a picture, so we decided on trying a Tail Mount!  After a little research on the Internet, got an understanding of how to make one.  We liked it better than a picture; not bad for a bunch of "non-pros"!

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  1. Have you been back to the In-n-out pond recently? This past week I have been over there 3 times. On Monday I caught one of the larger bass in the pond that you had mentioned. It was about 17" back in one of those cutout spots. We kept having our lines break on some fish near the shore that I thought was a redfish because of the distinct black dot. Tonight I caught one that was about 2.5-3 feet long and it turns out it is a bowfin. I wasn't sure if you had seen or caught any but I used 15 lb braided line and a plastic worm to bring it in. I wish I had measured a length to add to your leader boards!

  2. Have not been in a while but glad to hear about the Bruiser Bass as well as the big Bowfin. Have seen them there in the past but have not hooked one yet.

    Thanks for checking out our Weblog and hope to hear about more Bruisers!


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