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Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Round at Rio Raft... Caught a Trout!

Fished the Guadalupe River at the Rio Raft access point today.  Was a really nice day, saw several Rainbow Trout but only managed to catch one!

It went 16" in length, too small for the minimum limit for the area we were fishing but still had a great time catching him.

Used a 6wt Switch Rod and a Tandem Midge and Prince Nymph Rig.  Trout struck the Prince Nymph!

Did work a pool for about an hour plus that had Trout feeding on something but could not get them to strike.

Tried midges, nymphs, dry flies, san juan worms, wooley buggers, guadalupanas,... the kitchen sink!  No worries though,... the 16" Rainbow Trout that went for the Prince Nymph was a great consolation prize!

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  1. I agree. Went to Denison dam Texas wall side. Saw a lot of fish but no one caught any. Helped one guy bring up channel cat on Oklahoma side. Went to fly fish on the other side but was too windy and all the good spots were taken.


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