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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Round Three at Huaco Springs

Round three at Huaco Springs started early this morning.  Fished a COAF Guadalupana Fishing Fly on the Four Weight Fly Rod and caught a limit of Trout!  Strikes were light compared to yesterday and fish were really "picky" about the size of the fishing fly.  No takers on a Size 14 but lots of action on the Size 12.

Fishing buddy also limited out using an Ultralight Rod and a Bubble Fly Rig.  Had four Trout go for the COAF Guadalupana, and one Trout take a BH GRHEN!

Fun stuff... did see others taking them on Silver Super Dupers, Orange Power Bait, and Marshmallows.  Also, when we first arrived, saw one nice sized Trout caught by one fisherman!

Nice to know there are some Bruisers lurking in the area!

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