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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trout Stocking at Bethany Today!

Trout stocking at Bethany Lakes today.  Missed the truck releasing trout but luckily NucLaroche was able to get some footage!  Shortly after, he started hooking up with Rainbow Trout using PowerBait.  Caught three and lost a couple as well as missed a few hook sets.

Fshng84 gave it a try working a Gold Super Duper.  Managed to limit out with five, and then stood by and watched NucLaroche catch two to make his limit also using a Gold Super Duper!

Did notice that the trout tended to strike the lure as it fluttered when we stopped reeling. First tried a steady retrieve without success, and then did a stop and go retrieve that seemed to work... at least for this round.

Lots of fun, a number of limits being taken.  Action should be steady over the next few days... at least until the Cormorant arrive!

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