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Thursday, January 02, 2014

COAF Guadalupana Fishing Fly - Samples

A Reader sent an email asking about purchasing a COAF Guadalupana Fishing Fly.  We pointed him to the COAF Guadalupana Fishing Fly  article that describes how to make one. However, the Reader was adamant about purchasing one rather than making one.  So, we offered a sample fishing fly for his use... looks like others have asked as well.

To make things easier (since we prefer to fish rather than make fishing flies), we created a "Buy Now" PayPal button for anyone who would like a sample fishing fly.  Only made a few fishing flies but can make more (time permitting) on a periodic basis.

If the PayPal button does not work or if we are sold out of samples, email us at coaf.weblog@live.com to let us know there is an issue.

COAF Field Team

Note:  Samples available only in the United States and in USD ($) only.  Limit one fishing fly per order at $2.00 (+ 60 cents shipping/handling).

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