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Friday, April 18, 2014

Steady Action at Bethany with a Grasshopper!

Went to Bethany Friday evening for another round of fishing.  Slow at first but once we found the pattern, it was steady action the remainder of the time.

Algae and other "greenery" is growing, so lures and fishing flies tend to foul more.  Started out with a COAF Damsel Fly and had a few follow it but no takers.  Switched to a Foam Grasshopper and hooked up with several Bass.  Caught a few, lost a few, and then bite quit near sunset.

A "hatch" was going on, and Bass and Bluegill were feeding on the bugs.  A quick switch to a Griffith's Gnat on a Caddis Hook enabled a few more hook ups.

Fun stuff!

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