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Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Fishing with a Balsa Popper Fly

Quick trip this morning to Bethany Lakes.  Fished a Balsa Popper Fly and missed a Bass on the first cast.  Came off as we were landing it.  No worries... kept fishing and got a Bluegill take! Worked one bank quickly and caught a Bass before moving on to another pond down the road.

This one is by Sonic, calling it the Sonic Pond for ease of reference. Had fished one several years ago and caught mainly little Bluegill and Sunfish. Others have caught Catfish and Bass more recently.  Today, it was two Bass and one missed Bass.  All went for a Balsa Popper Fly.

Stay tuned... working on another article on tying a Balsa Popper Fly.  Will post soon as it is done!

Did get video of one missed Bass jumping out of the water; even looked like it did a flip as it went for the popper!

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