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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Only Two This Round

Only two this round but did have several missed hook sets and break offs.  Had tied two Tube Damsel Flies - one Olive and one Purple. Was able to hook and land a 17.5" Catfish with the Olive one, and then lost the fishing fly to a break off.

Fished the Purple Damsel Fly and had several more missed hook sets, and then had a Bruiser break the line. Out of Tube Damsel Flies, switched to COAF Damsel Flies.  More missed hook sets, and then noticed people feeding ducks with bread.

Soon after the Catfish showed, so put up the fishing fly and switched to freelining bread. Good thing... ended up catching Catfish #2; measured 22"!  Fun stuff!

Posted pictures on the Fish Bulletin Board!

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