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Monday, September 01, 2014

Texoma at Eisenhower State Park This Round

Went Kayak Fishing yesterday for a chance at some Stripers. Launched at the boat ramp in Eisenhower State Park. Before launching though, stopped by the Marina Store and checked out the large Carp and Catfish that lurk nearby. Paid the $1 for the "fish food" and fed the fish. Bruisers are still there; unfortunately, they were the closest we came to a Bruiser this round.

Fished all day and saw lots of boaters, wind picked up later as well.  Worked the rocks along the shoreline and caught a 15" Smallmouth Bass after several hours without a strike.

Kept working the shoreline as well as deeper water without success for the remainder of the day. And then, while heading back to the boat ramp, notice fish were chasing the small minnows in the area. After a while casting to them, had a strike and a miss, and then short after the miss had a really skinny 18" Striper take the lure!

Had used Rat-T-Traps, Diving Crankbaits, Slabs and Crappie Jigs, and almost every lure in the tackle box. What finally worked... Blue/White Jigs that we bought from Dave's Ski and Tackle several years ago!

Overall, had a fun time. Sure beats work, and had another good workout. But, did see a couple of instances that reminded us to be careful on the water.

  • Someone was troubleshooting their boat; would not start. Was resting against the boat dock. Their kids were sitting in front of the boat on the dock. Engine started and was in gear. Boat went rammed the boat dock and nearly ran over one of the kids. Close call. Luckily, no one was hurt.
  • Jet Skier was on his jet ski towing a capsized jet ski. Not sure what happened but it looked like no one was hurt as well
Also, stopped by Denison Dam Tailrace to check out the water flow. Did not see fish, and noted the sulphur smell from the Lake turning over. Included some video in the clip below.

Till next time... Good Luck and Good Fishing!

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