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Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Fun on the Blue River

Weather forecast at the start of the week indicated rain and cold temps for Saturday. Later in the week, forecast changed to no rain and temps in the 30s-40s. Decided to make another run across the border for more fun trout fishing on the Blue River.

Things started out slow with a few strikes but no hook ups for the first hour. Was using a Four Weight Fly Rod and a Near Deere with varied retrieves.

Decided to try a tandem rig with Near Deere and a Bead Head Black Midge under a strike indicator. That did the trick... caught several Trout on the Black Midge. Murphy's Law came into play though; ended up losing the rig and the only Black Midge in the fly box.

Re-tied another tandem rig; this time used a Bead Head Red Midge. More strikes on both the Near Deere and the Red Midge, and then lost the rig to a snag while drifting the rig through pockets. Did manage to get two Trout this way. One was a Rainbow Trout; the other may or may not have been a Rainbow Trout... looked different than the others caught today.

Later, the Trout were actively feeding on something near the surface. Decided to forego the strike indicator and fished the Near Deere with and without a trailer and caught a few more!

Fun stuff!

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