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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bethany Lakes Trout Stocking Tomorrow

Well looks like out partner site beat us to the punch. Bethany Lakes gets it's Trout Stocking tomorrow.

Do check out the post the latest post on Stocker Trout Fishing; should be helpful to some thinking about fishing for Trout tomorrow.

Click-on Fish Bulletin Board to checkout fish caught by our readers.


  1. This was my first trout stock outing in texas. I can't begin to describe how disappointed I was. I was there when they released the fish until 1pm. I saw a few a cought that might have 8inches. I caught 3, all under 6 inches. I didn't keep them. I have fished stockings in OH, PA, NY and W. VA. The fisheries have always released rainbow and golden trout in the 10 to 16 in. range. I was pretty pumped about this having just moved here. What a let down.

  2. A waste. Cought 3 all under 6 in. all returned. In Ohio all trout stocked are 10+. I was horribly disappointed with my first texas trout stocking. I was there for release until 1:30 and didn't see anything cought that I would call worth my time to filet. Is it always like this?

  3. Surprised about the 6" size; normally 9"-11" with a few 12"+. Overall, On occasion a stocking will have larger ones but it is not the norm.


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