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Friday, February 29, 2008

Fishing Tip - "Suggested Rig for Fishing Flies without a Fly Rod"

Fishing Tip: Our team enjoys fishing, especially with flyfishing equipment. However, our casting ability does not match our passion for fishing. As a result, there are times when casting a fishing fly requires other means.

One means is to use a Bubble-Fly Rig to cast fishing flies with spinfishing or spincasting gear (see illustration below). This rig is not limited to just fishing flies and can be used to cast other light weight artificials and baits. Note: The Nail Knot is placed below the Bubble; not above as when tying a Slip Bobber.

Also, by replacing the bubble with a weighted float and the fishing fly with a jig you will have a Float-Jig Rig. This rig has enabled us to cast jigs further and prevent jigs from hanging up on rocks while fishing the tailrace at Denison Dam. Works well when the water is being released and the current is strong.

Good luck and good fishing!


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