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Thursday, March 06, 2008

FYI - Real Time Release For Denison Dam

FYI: For clarification, an example of the Real Time (Hydropower) Release for Denison Dam is provided below. The item of note is that the information is delayed 15" to 30" and not two hours as previously posted. In the example below, a snapshot was taken at 1830 (6:30PM). The data showed water flowing and power generating beginning at 1600 (4PM). This remained the case as of 1815 (6:15PM) with no data for 1830 available. Useful information if you live reasonably close to the area. If you do not, it is a good starting point for comparing the planned generation times listed in the Generation Schedule with what actually occured as listed in the Real Time Release. Example: Click on Denison Dam Real Time (Hydropower) Release. The Real Time (Hydropower) Release has a 15" to 30" delay but provides a more current view of waterflow at the dam. Use it to confirm water is or is not flowing. Note: Our team is beta testing a news fishing site called DFW Fishing News. Refer to the Recommended Links in the sidebar or click-on DFW Fishing News for a preview.

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