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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chartreuse in the Morning; Orange in the Afternoon!

Heard from Zeke on his afternoon trip back to Bethany Lakes to catch three more Trout to make his daily limit.

Report was favorable with Zeke getting his three.  Even better... Zeke brought his grandson who pulled in a five Trout limit!

Bottom-line:  Field Team reported three limits taken today. Chartreuse Trout Bait was the key in the morning and Orange Trout Bait in the afternoon

FYI: Stomach contents of the Trout caught today. Ones caught this morning were empty.  This afternoon's catch had three empty, four with Orange Trout Bait, and one with Orange as well as Chartreuse Trout Bait. Also, two looked to have digested "bread residue".

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  1. Was out there this afternoon. Nothing. What were you doing different?

  2. Keep changing baits till you get hits.

    Cast one pole about 30' to 50' from shore; cast the other about 20' from shore.

    Once you find the bait, work on the hookset. Some days its a fast hookset; other days you let them run with it before setting.

    Today, close to shore 20' was the key and a small hook - size 14, made for more hook-ups.

    Lost more fish using a size 10 hook compared to the size 14.

    This worked today, but changes without notice.


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