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Friday, December 11, 2009

First Trout Of the Season From the Field Team!

Went back to Bethany Lakes at Lunch; Trout Stocking happened and fish were being caught. Managed to hook and land one Trout using a Copper Superduper.

Did observe others catching them on Gold Superdupers. Also, had a nibble on Orange Trout Bait, none on Pink Trout Bait.

Gonna stop by later after work and see if we can pull in four more to hit our daily limit.

PS:  Returned after work and fished after dark.  Had a nibble on Pink Trout Bait. None on Orange Trout Bait.  Did see others take a few on Pink Trout Bait.  Once the sun set, a lot of surface activity with pods working the surface on both sides of the "horseshoe".  Should be interesting come first light tomorrow.

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