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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frozen Rod Guides, Another Green Trout, and At Least One Limit.

Stopped by Bethany Lakes this morning to see how the cold front impacted the pattern. Front has them lockjawed with no hits on lures or fishing flies. Only a brief outing; too cold for this Texan (rod guides were freezing up).

Returned at Noon and caught another "Green Trout" on a Superduper. And, did see one fisherman limit out using Pink/Chartreuse Powerbait!  Looks like Powerbait over lures is the key post-cold front....


PS:  Returned this evening.  Met Texas Fishing Forum's Bomber1, who limited out on Gold Superdupers.  Also, observed others catching them on Orange Powerbait and lures as well.  Had several hits on the Superduper but was not able to set the hook.  Caught one on Orange Powerbait before having to call it quits.  Stomach contents of the Trout was filled with Corn!

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