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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Short Trip This AM, No Hits, Till Then "50 Ways To Cook Trout" and a "Summary of Lures/Baits Used for Trout"!

Stopped by Bethany Lakes this morning for a short trip.  Only there for 10" but had zero hits on a Panther Martin Inline Spinner.  Did get a tip from Zeke about an online article, "Fifty Ways to Cook Trout".  Checked it out, looks like some tasty recipes to try!

Also, for area fishermen, please feel free to send trout fishing reports to coaf.weblog@live.com; each year we collate fishing reports from our Field Team (and various sources), and then post results as general reference for our Readers.

The last one posted was earlier this week but keep checking back, we plan to post an updated "Summary of Lures/Baits Used for Trout" next week.

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