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Friday, January 22, 2010

Got One This Round - 16.5" Skinny Bass

Hooked and landed a Bass at Bethany Lakes this afternoon. After misses yesterday at Bethany Lakes and Bethany Ridge, was able to bring this one in using a BH Olive Wooley Bugger.

Warmer day... no strike indicator and a fast retrieve was the key. Bass went 16.5" in size. Will post on the COAF Fishing Leader Board as it meets the 15" minimum, even if it is "kinda skinny"!


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  1. Answer to a question on what fishing fly we were using from the Texas Fishing Forum:

    Used a Bead Head Olive Wooley Bugger on a fast retrieve. Also, removed the strike indicator that I used to fish it slowly.

    Had zero hits on the slow retrieve, then I noticed a little Bass chasing the fly when I was taking the slack out of the line for another cast.

    Switched to the fast retrieve and got a few hits but no hookups. Then, noticed the ducks were muddying the water in one area, so I started fishing it. Two light hits with no hookup, then a solid strike by the 16.5" Bass.


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