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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tested The Weighted Olive Wooley Bugger Variant - 2 Sunfish and a Little Bass!

Returned to Bethany Lakes to test out the Weighted Olive Wooley Bugger Variant, fishing fly created using material on-hand to replace the BH Olive Wooley Bugger that was lost to a "Tree Fish" yesterday.

Hit the Main Pond and on the second cast hooked and then lost a Bass. Looked like the same 2-Pounder that we lost yesterday or its brother.

Fished the Back Pond and noted surface activity.  Had a few light strikes but no hook-ups. Suspect they were Bluegill/Sunfish. Makes sense given the weather was warm enough that it felt like Spring.

Finally, hit the Feeder Creek and managed to bring in 2 Sunfish and a little Bass. Looks like the fishing fly works. Only issue (or not) is that it sinks much slower than the BH Olive Wooley Bugger we were using.

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