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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Towne Lake Trout Action Was Hot Again This AM!

Update:  Stopped by Towne Lake this afternoon to see if the action this morning carried into the afternoon.  It did with limits being taken by fishermen using bait and lures.  Also, as things do change, gold colors seemed to be the key with Chartreuse and Firetail Rooster Tails (gold blade) in size 1/16 and Gold Superdupers being favored lures!

Fished Towne Lake in McKinney again this morning.  More cold temperatures but were easily ignored as the Trout action was hot.  Caught one using Corn and four using lures! Conducted an impromptu Field Test, switching lures frequently.

End result: Silver bladed spinners were getting more strikes than gold.  However, we did not have a Chartreuse Rooster Tail which one fisherman was using to catch Trout on every cast!

For bait, noted others catching them on Bread, Corn, Salmon Eggs, and Powerbait. That said, things could quickly change, be ready to adjust and try different lures and baits!

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