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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bluegill and Sunfish at Bethany Lakes

Decided to fish Bethany Lakes this evening for a chance at Bass.  No luck on Bass but did catch a few Bluegill and Sunfish.  Largest was a Bluegill that went 8" in size!  Here is a short video clip of today's outing....  All were caught on Olive Wooley Buggers on a steady retrieve.


  1. Looks like you've been busy. I've been doing good at the lake by Kroger on Bethany and Allen Heights. I've caught 2 16" bass...one was measured and one was an estimate. What is this One fly competition? Is that your site also? Tight Lines.

  2. Thanks Brad, have been taking every opportunity to wet a line and catch a fish.

    Bethany Lakes and Kroger Park have been good with February being a highlight for me - 7 Pound Bass for a PB caught in the back pond 28Feb'10. Have had some luck with Kroger Park with some Bruisers but have not been able to land them successfully yet.

    The One Fishing Fly Challenge is a site that I manage for the COAF Field Team. There are currently 3 active members - Getx123, NucLaroche, and myself - Fshng84. There is a fourth - Zeke who joins when able.

    Also, I have been the most active at this point as Getx123 and NucLaroche are undergrads at Texas A&M, so they may be sidetracked from fishing till the Summer.

    The contest was started for fun and is open to anyone. No prizes,... regardless, it's another excuse to fish!


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