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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bamboo "Stake" Rod With Wine Cork Handle and Seven Catfish.

Decided to try something different and make a homemade fishing rod. Was a good exercise in tying rod guides; even better, found that the Rod Wrapping Jig we made last week worked like it was designed!

Did not want to "waste" a lot of money on rod building material.  Used bamboo stakes from Home Depot for the rod blank, old wine corks for the handle, and rod guides from Academy.

Spent several hours today putting the rod together.  Ended with a 5 foot light/medium weight spinning rod.  Calling it the Bamboo "Stake" Rod with Wine Cork Handle.

Bamboo "Stake" Rod With Wine Cork Handle

Tested the outfit at Bethany Lakes this evening.  Caught seven catfish including one that went 17" in size.  Really like the thought of hooking a Bruiser and landing it successfully on a homemade fishing rod!

Seven Catfish at Bethany Lakes

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