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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Steady Action at Denison Dam

Made it to Denison Dam Tailrace this morning for another go at Stripers. Fished before the power plant started generating when waterflow was minimal. Also, fished after the plant started up making for accurate casting into the eddies and pools, else lost rigs were the norm.

Action was steady with a number of Stripers caught and released. Fishing partner and I left when they were still biting.... kept a limit each.

Side Note: Had a tough go catching Shad this week with our cast nets, ended up buying bait at Academy.  Also, been playing around with shock leaders and rigs. Lessons learned/suggestions noted to date listed below:
  • Really like the 50lbs braided line compared to the 60lbs mono line we had been using. Observing less breakoffs and more time spent fishing.
  • When snagged the 15lbs mono line that is tied to the hook readily breaks off.  Weight and Barrel Swivel remains intact.  Loss of tackle is minimal - Hook and 2'-3' of 15lbs mono line.
  • Especially like the "Christopher Knot(?)" to tie the 20lbs mono mainline to the 50lbs braided line shock leader.  Have not had a knot failure as of yet!
Good Luck and Good Fishing!

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