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Monday, June 07, 2010

Stoney Hollow Park and a White Grasshopper, Gets 4 Bluegill and 5 Bass

Headed down the road to Plano's Stoney Hollow Park to tempt a few Bass with a Purple-Chenille Wooley Bugger.  Had a few strikes but spent more time unfouling the fishing fly.  Vegetation has grown since the last time we were here, making for tough fishing.

Switched to a White Grasshopper and managed to keep it from fouling.  Caught four Bluegill and five Bass.  Largest was a skinny Bass that went 14", others were just over/under 12" in size.

Good thing we were able to fall back on the Grasshopper; hope to continue to field test the Purple-Chenille Wooley Bugger in more open water later in the week.

Stoney Hollow Park in Plano.
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