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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Way Slide Rig

While surfing the net noticed a fishing tactic used for fishing piers and other elevated locations....

Tactic calls for casting a heavy weight for distance, then attaching a "Slide Rig" (also called a "Trolley Rig") that holds the bait.  The bait then slides down the line until it reaches bottom.  Works well for heavy baits that are too heavy for casting and "fragile" baits that may break up on the cast or on impact with the water.

After checking a few sites online, managed to construct a "One Way Slide Rig" using materials on hand.  Then, tested it out at Bethany Lakes.  Worked well for fishing "fragile" dough bait; however, next test will use a heavier weight. 

Also, the key to using this rig is elevation; higher elevation allows the bait to slide more readily down the line.

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