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Saturday, September 10, 2011

"River Why" Tip Comes Through!

Went back to Kroger Park this afternoon for a go at the Catfish.  Brought Ultralight Gear and Bread for bait.  Unfortunately, struck out miserably.  Not a bite at all.

Did see Bluegill and Bass working the shallows. A quick check of the gear on hand... an Ultralight Spinning Rod/Reel, Bread, Hooks, and an Olive Wooley Bugger found on the floorboard of the truck.

Taking a tip from the movie "River Why", wrapped the Olive Wooley Bugger with Bread (mud was used in the movie) and casted the fly using the Ultralight Gear.  Shortly after casting the Wooley Bugger, the Bread broke apart and was able to fish the fly!

Caught one Bass and a Bluegill, hooked but lost two other Bass.  Not a bad outing saved by a piece of Bread!

"River Why" Tip Comes Through!

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