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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bethany Gets Its Trout Stocking... Two Rainbows Caught and Cooked!

Bethany received its Rainbow Trout stocking today! Stopped by earlier and saw a few Trout caught.  Looked like Power Bait was working.

Was able to breakaway later from work and have a go at the Trout.  Action was slow. Tried Chartreuse and Orange with Glitter and had zero bites.  Switched to Orange and had a few light nibbles but no hooksets.  And then, had two that struck hard.

Took today's catch home, cleaned them - noted one Trout had Orange Power Bait and the other had Bread in their stomachs, and then cooked them. Dinner tonight was Rainbow Trout!

Good start of the Season.  Things should pick up in the next few days and last for a couple of weeks (or at least until the Cormorant arrive).

Good Luck and Good Fishing!

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  1. I did the best this year trolling a harness rig I built. Orange crackle glass beads with an orange/white glow belly hoochie (squid skirt) in tandem behind the beads. I filled the cavity in the hoochie with Fire Bait for some flavor and a scent trail and the fun began!


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