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Friday, December 02, 2011

Evening Outing Gets a Few Bites at Bethany.

Fished after dark with a BH Antron Streamer.  Caught three fish - Sunfish/Bluegill.  Was glad to see the Streamer worked in the dark.

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  1. which lakes are best to fish at, at bethany lakes and what is the best bait for trout

  2. For Trout, the horseshoe-shaped pond with the fishing pier is best. Best bait for Trout changes each year. Last season we noticed the following:
    •Wooley Buggers followed by GRHE Nymphs did well among fishing flies!
    •Super Dupers remained a consistent producer again!.
    •Panther Martins were the choice for inline spinners with Roostertails being close behind.
    •Powerbait Trout Bait in Chartreuse then Orange were baits of choice!
    •Corn did well for Grocery Store baits.
    •No clear leader in Natural baits could be determined.

    As a general rule, we stock up on lures/baits and then switch often until we get a bite. Then, we stay with that lure/bait until the action slows.

    For Bass and Catfish, the Main Pond (one that has a fountain and has a little building that overlooks the pond is a consistent producer of Bass and Catfish.

    Hope this helps!


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