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Monday, December 10, 2012

Cold Front Dropped Temps,... But Bite is Still On!

Stopped by at lunch for a shot at the Trout at Bethany.  Cold front dropped temps but the bite was still on for some.  Trout were taking Orange Powerbait as well as White Marshmallows.  Tried bread and had one strike, else had to call it a trip.  Too cold with the strong wind cutting through layers of clothing.  Decided to come back later.

Returned later in the evening and action was steady.  Caught one using a slip-bobber and bread.  Had several strikes and misses, then the hook broke off.  Switched to freelining bread and caught three more Trout and a Shellcracker.

Then, the bite slowed.  After 15" without a strike, switched to Powerbait (Yellow Glitter Garlic) and caught Trout #5 on the first cast.  Fun stuff, even better because the wind calmed down compared to earlier in the day!

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