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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nice Day On The Blue River!

Made a run across the border into Oklahoma for fun with Rainbow Trout on the Blue River.  The Trout Derby was in full swing when we arrived and a number of Bruisers were being caught!  

For us, we only managed three Trout using Powerbait between two fishermen. Largest went about 14".

Took some video of today's trip, including a 9lbs Bruiser one fishermen had caught that morning!  It was in the ice chest already; regardless, it was a big one!

Gotta love the Trout Derby when they stock the River with some Bruisers!

PS: Great to meet one of our Readers while on the River; hope you and your daughter managed to get a Trout or two.  It was a tough day fishing; the bite was slow for a lot of us!

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  1. Good meeting you as well. We struck out on the trout but my daughter won a fishing pole during the kid drawing for the trout derby. She was happy and had a great time. At the end of the day, that's what count!


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