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Sunday, February 17, 2013

One More Go at Waterloo....

Fished Waterloo Park Pond today.  The pond received its last Trout Stocking for the Season last weekend, decided to check on the Trout action before the weather warms.  Good decision, Zeke and Fshng84 managed a limit each.  Zeke opted for Powerbait; Fshng84 opted for the Guadalupana.

Fun stuff! No Bruisers like we saw on the Blue River yesterday but it was still a fun time! Even did some catch and release fishing and got a chance at some roll casting practice; liked how the wind helped make the roll cast look easy!

Later on, ran to Frisco and braved the windy conditions to try some catch and release fishing.  Things started slow but the action picked up as it got dark, caught and released four and lost several more while bringing them in.  All went for the Guadalupana as well!

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