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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Trout Bite Was On at Frisco Today!

Frisco hosted their annual Trick or Trout Derby today.  Missed the derby but was able to fish the  afternoon before the rain arrived.  Was a tough go at first with the cold and wind. But, did manage to limit out!

Started casting the Four Weight Fly Rod despite the strong wind. Caught a little Stocker Trout and a little Bluegill.  Also, had several missed strikes.

Switched to Powerbait and caught one Trout, then noticed the Trout started rising and schools were working the surface around the fountain.

Changed to a Copper Super Duper, added split-shot for more casting weight, and then casted for distance.  Was able to limit out fairly quickly.

Fun stuff... saw others catching them on Super Dupers, Rooster Tails, Corn, and Powerbait.  Action should be good for the next few days weather permitting!

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