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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Out and About... Ends with a Limit!

Fished Bethany Lakes Friday evening.  Very cold, would not have been so bad if we could have landed a fish. Had two hookups but lost them soon after!

Next morning, went to Towne Lake in Mckinney.  Still very cold; made worse by the wind.  Fished for an hour and had some strikes using a GRHEN but missed setting the hook.  Did see others catching them on Powerbait!

Decided to checkout the action in Prosper's Community Park.  They hosted a Trout Derby to kick-off the Trout Stocking.  When we arrived, Trout were actively feeding on tiny midges.  Too bad they did not want our fishing flies.

Switched to Powerbait and waited out the bite; started hooking up the around 5PM.  After a long day, limited out!

Did see others doing better, catching them using Bread, Corn, Powerbait, and something called a Trout Magnet!  It was the hot bait today, out fishing all others this round!

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  1. Which trout rod do you use? I'm looking to buy a nice ultralight for crappie/trout fishing.

  2. Thanks for checking out our Blog!

    We use a Shakespeare STS46-1UL Ultralight rated for 2-6lbs test.

    It's 4'.6" in length and came with a reel (Model STS20C)

    We also use Stren 4lbs test mono.

    Liked it so much but two to make a matching pair.

    Hope this helps.


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