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Sunday, May 12, 2013

60 Fish This Round at Russell Creek!

Back to Russell Creek in Plano for more fishing.  Wanted to see how many fish could be caught before we had to leave.

Brought the Four Weight Fly Rod and made a slight variation to the Grasshopper Fishing Fly.  Used a size 12 Caddis Hook this time; seemed to get more hookups.

Also, used a Dry Fly, Lefty Deceiver, Damsel Flies, and a Griffith's Gnat.  Ended up catching and releasing 60 fish.

Two were Bass; they were small ones but did see some nice ones lurking in the area!  Just did not want to strike.

No action shots this time; just video of the fish.  Sped the video to show all 60 fish.  Also, have some footage of two snakes mating (possibly). 

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