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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Windy Day But Did Catch a Few!

Was busy doing some "honey do's " Saturday.  Did have an opportunity to fish later on.  Was debating about taking the kayak or using surfcasting gear to fish Clear Lake Park on Lake Lavon.

Wind was picking up so kayak fishing may have been tough.  In the end, went with the kayak... figured the "Island" would provide enough protection so we could fish.

It didn't.... regardless, launched the kayak and fished the area from boat ramp to boat ramp without a strike.  Then, decided on a workout and headed to the leeward side of the "Island". Still no bites but the anchored boats and music playing made for a party-like atmosphere.

On the way back to the boat ramp, slow-trolled the Crappie Jig we by letting the wind drift the kayak.  Wind was pushing in the right direction but did not get a strike.

Was getting ready to call it a trip when a fish struck the jig while we were pulling the kayak ashore.  The kayak was beached and the line was still trailing behind; waves and wind were causing it to bounce up and down.  Reeled the line in; it was a Gaspergou.

Could not leave the fishing while they were biting.  So, launched the kayak again and started working the bottom by paddling upwind to setup for a drift, then slowed the kayak where the jig would bounce along the bottom.

When setup correctly the rod tip would shake and bounce in unison with the jig bouncing along the bottom. Ended up catching three more Gaspergou.  Also, caught a White Bass while paddling upwind but had to release it as it was not a keeper.

Fun stuff... especially when you accidentally find a pattern that works!

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  1. Hey, I found your blog by accident. We live in McKinney and just took up kayaking. We have been driving down to paddle point park but were thinking about Lake Lavon. We drove down there one day but had to pay just to look at the boat launch. Do you know any free slips where we could put in and kayak. Just for recreation?

  2. Thanks for checking out our Blog! A lot of the boat ramps are closed because of the low water level. Ticky Creek is free and offers some protection from the wind on one side or the other from the Point and is still open.


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