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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Slower Action This Round But Did Get a Nice Catfish!

Lost the Lefty Deceiver yesterday.  Tied another one and fished Bethany just before noon before it rained. Ended up losing it after a nice fish struck and broke the line.  Caught a little Bass on a Wooley Bugger on the next cast but decided to head back home and tie another Deceiver.  Made it back to Bethany after the rain passed, slower action but did manage several fish including a nice 20" Catfish that made the Fish Bulletin Board!

Soon after releasing the Catfish, ended up losing the Deceiver to a snag!  Re-tied another one later in the afternoon and returned to Bethany in the evening.  Caught two Bass before calling it quits!  Really liking this fishing fly!

Click-on Fish Bulletin Board to checkout fish caught by our readers.

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