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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Tough Go at Frisco Commons Today

Finally able to wet a line today.  Fished Frisco Commons this afternoon; the pond was stocked this morning and the City held its annual kid fishing derby.

Tough go today.  Fish seemed in shock, staying near the bank and were lock jawed at times.

After several looks at a Guadalupana, finally had one take the fishing fly.  Switch Rod worked out well; was able to make long switch cast (and roll cast) with ease.  Too bad distance did not matter today.

Then, switched to an Ultralight Rig and a Silver Kastmaster; had tried a Gold Super Duper, a Copper Super Duper, and a White Roostertail without a bite.  Looked like silver was the color of choice today.

Tried casting the spoon, used a steady retrieve, a stop and go retrieve, as well as a count down before reeling in.  No luck... what worked?  Jigging the lure up and down like when ice fishing. As a school would pass, one or two would show interest, the remainder would keep going by.

Later, jigging up and down, and then slowly moving the lure away would get one or two to break from where the school was "holed" up, and then a light strike and hook up would follow.

Fun stuff... was different seeing so many Trout so close to the bank; even got some underwater video of a school or two going by!

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